Research Agenda 2022 (July 2022 - June 2023)

Priority Agency Research Name Description
1 USHE/DWS Nursing Occupation Pathways Nursing occupation pathways, workforce outcomes, and regional differences in Utah's nursing workforce
2 DHHS/USBE Birth Circumstances and Early Education Outcomes An analysis of the relationship between birth weight, demographics, and KEEP scores.
3 DWS/USHE Gender Wage Gap for Women of Color Exploration of Utah’s gender wage gap with a focus on women of color and historically excluded racial and ethnic groups. Potential to examine gap during COVID-19 pandemic.
4 DWS/USHE CIP Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic In-depth analysis of wage outcomes for CIP families during the COVID-19 pandemic with demographic breakouts.
5 DWS/USHE Monopsonies and the Wage Gap for Historically Excluded Groups Monopsony impact on the wage gap of historically excluded racial and ethnic groups with post-secondary education.