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Utah students earning credits in advanced courses

May 1, 2019

Advanced Courses

Advanced courses data as seen on Utah's Education Pipeline dashboard.

In 2017, 59% of Utah high school students earned credit in an advanced course. Participation in advanced courses not only helps prepare students for employment, but helps them earn college credit as well. The four options for advanced coursework are Advanced Placement courses (AP), International Baccalaureate courses (IB), Concurrent Enrollment (CE) and Career and Technical Education courses (CTE).

Both AP and IB courses allow students to pursue college‑level studies while in high school, and can often be accepted as college credit. The AP program offers individual classes in a variety of subjects while the IB program offers a diploma program designed for the last two years of high school. CTE coursework is designed to give students experience in a particular field. Students may also have the opportunity to receive industry certifications, summer internships, and college credit.

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