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Average cost per award by university or college in Utah

August 15, 2019

Award by Institution

The P-20 metrics explores the preparation of the workforce and the alignment of education with industry needs. One of the metrics analyzes the average cost per award by university or college in Utah from 2008-2017. This describes the average cost of a degree of any kind to an institution, including room and board, supplies, and other expenses. 

The average cost per award by university or college was $40,408 in 2017. The highest cost per award was $16,000 above the average across all universities and colleges in 2016-17, while the least costly award was approximately $16,000 below the average. These figures reflect constant dollars using a fiscal year average consumer price index. 

Larger campuses like the University of Utah and Utah State University were the most costly over time, while smaller, less expensive institutions were found to be more subject to cost variation. Costs varying greatly over time can often be attributed to short-term cost increases such as a new building or program. 

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