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Utah students' proficency in core academic subjects

February 25, 2019

Image of P20 Graph

An interactive K-12 graph as seen on Utah's Education Pipeline dashboard.

K-12 prepares students for the workforce or postsecondary education, and encourages them to explore their interests and talents—broadening both their social and academic skills. One of the metrics to explore students’ preparedness is through their proficiency in core academic subjects: math, reading, writing, and science.

In the “Utah’s Education Pipeline” dashboard, Utah’s performance is evaluated against peer states with similar socioeconomic and demographics. Peer states are considered as Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Benchmark states—Massachusetts and New Jersey—are also included to measure Utah against top performers.

In 2017, Utah performed above both the national and peer state average, but below benchmark states when averaging across all subjects. The exception to this is in the science category where Utah performed at the same level as benchmark states.

Learn more by exploring Utah’s proficiency with other states on the “K-12 Education” section of the Utah Education Pipeline dashboard.

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