New Data Dictionary Available Online

Britnee Johnston, UX Researcher
January 15, 2020


The Utah Data Research Center (UDRC) released this month a new data dictionary of the various data elements available for request to external researchers. Details include field values, years available, limitations, and other notes. Variables available include those from kindergarten to 12th grade, postsecondary education, health, and employment in Utah. The data dictionary is available as an interactive online menu on the UDRC website and is also available as a PDF.

To determine if UDRC is the right source for an external research project, use the data dictionary to view the variables and time periods available. This is also a useful resource for preparing a data request application. Please note that only requests requiring data from multiple sources can be fulfilled through UDRC. For example, UDRC can process a request for a researcher that needs wage records (Utah Department of Workforce Services) and the year an individual graduated from a postsecondary institution (Utah System of Higher Education). For data coming from just one source, contact the specific state agency to submit your data request.

Below is a short summary of data available and the source it comes from through UDRC.

Kindergarten to 12th Grade 

K-12 data available include test scores, subject proficiency level, high school completion, GPA, kindergarten type, rurality, and low income. 

Source: Utah State Board of Education 

Career & Technical Education 

A student’s record contains data such as award type, residence status, and Pell grant recipient. 

Source: Utah System of Technical Colleges 

Public Colleges & Universities 

Student data includes ACT scores, major, graduation GPA, remedial hours, attendance, course grades, federal aid, and institution. 

Source: Utah System of Higher Education 


Data includes a person’s wages by quarter or year, industry of work, and employer name. Source: Utah Department of Workforce Services 

Health (coming soon) 

Health data from birth and death certificates include birth health conditions, parents’ origins, hospital, and occupation at the time of death. 

Source: Utah Department of Health